The Greatest Threat to America

Alan Zendell, August 18, 2022

Former president Donald Trump’s son, Eric, is routinely mocked by stand-up comedians as being dimwitted. I have no idea why, but it’s one more testament to the media’s ability to influence the opinions of Americans who choose not to think for themselves. I have little interest in Eric Trump, but his comments, yesterday, on Newsmax, got my attention. He described his father’s political ambitions in terms of overthrowing the Republican establishment, RINO-hunting, and killing off what he called political dynasties: the Bushes, the Clintons, and now, the Cheneys.

Eric would have liked his audience to believe he was referring to changing ideologies, but if that were true, he would have mentioned that his father violated every tenet of Ronald Reagan’s Conservative dogma, which virtually every Republican politician referred to with reverence until Donald Trump came along. Many of us disagreed vehemently with Reagan’s domestic policies, but no one I know would describe him in the same terms as Trump.

The same is true for those who populated the dynasties Trump vanquished. No one ever accused either George H. W. Bush or his son Jeb of being morally bankrupt during their tenures as our 41st President and Governor of Florida. We’ll probably never know the extent to which Bush 43’s ties to Saudi Arabia influenced his horrendous miscalculation concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but despite that, “W” is viewed as a decent man. Bill Clinton, for all his accomplishments, was flawed in his personal conduct and irresponsible in ways that proved damaging to the country, but no one would suggest that he was disloyal either to the Constitution or to the concept of democratic governance.

Dick Cheney, was an unscrupulous businessman/politician who people loved to hate, but whether or not he was guilty of profiteering from the Iraq/Afghanistan disasters, his worst sins may have been ultra-patriotism and a belief in unfettered capitalism. His daughter, Liz, showed us that it’s still possible for Republicans to possess integrity and dedication to Conservative principles. If that’s the kind of ideology Eric Trump believes his father destroyed, there is no stronger endorsement of those who would assure that Donald Trump never holds office again.

If Liz Cheney runs for president, I will register as a Republican so I can vote for her in my blue state’s Republican primary. I disagree with much of her Conservative philosophy, but some things are more important. The greatest threat to our nation is not Vladimir Putin or Xi Jiinping, but the 30% of our country that believes rigging elections, gun violence, racial separation and discrimination, and subjugating women are the “real” American values. Donald Trump didn’t create that horror, but he enabled, energized, and legitimized it. He continues to feed his base’s hatred of everything we were raised to believe in: equality, fairness, the rule of law, and compassion.

When Eric Trump talks about overthrowing dynasties, he means replacing basic American values with the ones that enriched his family and brought them unimaginable political influence. He would have us live in a country in which one man’s word is law, no matter that that man is a sociopath with no regard for truth, law, or common decency. He would further have us believe the Republican party no longer exists, but has been replaced by the Trump Party which values power and wealth over principle.

The media trumpet Donald Trump’s continued hold over his party, pointing to the fate during this year’s primaries of most of the people who opposed him in Congress. Business Insider examined opposing points of view and concluded that Trump’s influence may not be as strong as Eric thinks it is, citing a New York Times report that, “Of the more than 200 Republicans Mr. Trump has endorsed this year, many ran unopposed or faced little-known, poorly funded opponents. He has also waited to make some endorsements until a front-runner emerges, strategically picking the candidates most likely to win…”

Insider also noted that many high-profile former Trump Associates are speaking out against him and cooperating with Congressional or law enforcement investigation of Trump’s actions. His loyal Vice President, Mike Pence, while reluctant to criticize Trump directly, has launched a campaign to support candidates who oppose Trumpism, and Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan believes Trump’s support is over-rated based on the poor showing of Trump’s candidates in contested gubernatorial primaries. Even Alex Jones, who has as little respect for truth as Trump, and who spoke at his January 6th rally, abandoned him in favor of Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

Trump’s focus, other than staying out of prison and extorting millions of dollars from his supporters, is bringing down Joe Biden’s administration and reversing the legislation passed in the eighteen months he’s been in office. Medicare benefits, our Constitution, drug and gasoline prices, energy independence, carbon emissions, Russia’s undeclared war against NATO – none of that matters to Donald Trump as much as regaining power, and that makes him the greatest threat to America in the world today.

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