This blog will be the product of a diverse group of Americans who are concerned about the future of our country. We are dedicated to protecting all those things that make our country as great as it is. We will oppose anything that erodes our basic principles and values.

Who are we? I am Alan Zendell. I am 73 years old, and I live with my wife in Maryland for eight months of each year and in Florida for four. I have degrees in Physics (Columbia), Aerospace Engineering (Cornell), and four years of graduate training in Operations Research and Decision Theory (George Washington U). I spend my retirement tutoring high school age students in mathematics.

I am neither an ideologue nor a political activist, nor am I in the pay of any lobbyist or organized group, and neither are any of the other contributors who will introduce themselves here the first time they post. My email address is alan.zendell@gmail.com.


Joel Liebesfeld is a consulting forensic engineer, and a very smart man. He spends his professional life analyzing accidents to determine their cause. Those same skills are equally applicable to politics, to people, and to life in general.


Gary Zendell is a former teacher who is now running his second successful small business. He didn’t have a political bone in his body until Donald Trump announced his candidacy. I know because I raised him. If you want to see how successful his business is, check out his restaurant, IsaBella Bistro, 4015 Avati Drive, San Diego, CA 92117

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