A Doctor’s Admonition for Surviving the Coronavirus

Alan Zendell, March 15, 2020

Today, instead of rephrasing other people’s views, I am re-publishing something posted on Facebook by Caroline Chang, a nationally recognized physician practicing in Rhode Island. I’ll let Dr. Chang speak for herself, except to comment that the case numbers shown in the table are those that have been officially reported. As Mike DeWine, the Governor of Ohio said this morning, the actual number of cases could be up to one hundred times those that have been officially reported. That means you can tack two zeroes (00) onto the bottom line numbers recorded in the table and be a lot closer to the truth.


Honestly the medical community is in disbelief at the number of Americans continuing to socialize and live life and even travel as usual. We MUST all do our part or else we will be where Italy is, likely in a week. Yes this means no playgrounds, birthday parties, play dates (yes even with “healthy” families and sanitizing), no gym, no restaurants, minimize store trips. Minimize all non-essential outings period. Denial will only make a very scary situation much, much worse.


For all those who insist on going out and “living your best life”- we are on the fast track to a complete lockdown if you don’t stop going out and socializing. We are about 6 days away from when Italy ordered a complete lockdown which means not leaving your house except for essential items, businesses closed, no contact with anyone except those in your immediate household for WEEKS.

If you want to help small businesses – buy a gift card online or by phone to use later.

#flattenthecurve #publichealth #dontbeselfish #forthegreatergood

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