The Most Dangerous Animal on Earth

Alan Zendell, February 1, 2022,

Animals aren’t inherently dangerous unless you get caught between them and their young, their home, or their food. The most dangerous animals are those that are cornered, scared, or injured. Thus, we describe trapped, deadly criminals as cornered rats, hunters stay clear of wounded game, and everyone knows to avoid rabid dogs and rodents.

Any philosopher, sociologist, or animal trainer will tell you the most dangerous species on the planet is homo sapiens. It follows that a cornered, terrified, wounded human is potentially the most dangerous creature on the planet. What if that human also possessed no moral center, acted ruthlessly in all situations, and fit the classic definition of a narcissistic sociopath? What if he had a darkly charismatic aura and a unique ability to appeal to people’s worst natures, and completely lacking in conscience, would pander to anyone who would open their checkbooks or vote for him?

If all that were true, we would be talking about someone whose niece, a licensed psychologist, described him as the most dangerous man on the planet. She takes that so seriously, she included those words in the title of her family biography. I agree with Mary Trump. I’ve believed since he came down that escalator in Trump Tower five-and-a-half years ago, spewing racist venom and lies, that Donald Trump was capable of destroying America and possibly the world.

Donald Trump cares about only one thing: Donald Trump. He doesn’t care about the Constitution, except in as much as he can find corrupt, beholden Justices who support his sick, distorted interpretation of it. (I do not think that will happen, though Trump is betting his future on it.) He doesn’t give a damn about his supporters – to him, they’re the political equivalent of cannon fodder. He lies to them, playing on their fears, insecurities, and hatred, and has gotten them to contribute more than half a billion dollars to his efforts to subvert the 2020 election, much of which he diverted to his own accounts to pay his personal legal fees.

But most important of all, Donald Trump couldn’t care less about making America great or whether Americans prosper, starve, or die of COVID or for lack of affordable health care. He doesn’t care about the people who elected him in 2016, and cares even less about those who sent him packing in 2020. He cares only about salving his wounded ego, accumulating personal wealth, and keeping the legal wolves at bay, because they’re closing in on him on several fronts. As many experienced observers, as well as Dr. Mary Trump warned us, when he feels threatened, Donald Trump will do anything to survive. He will throw anyone he needs to under the bus. He will slander and libel anyone who opposes him. If necessary, he will destroy our republic if he believes that will give him a chance to regain power.

The Special House Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection is systematically building a terrifying picture of a President so desperate to win, he was willing to violate federal and state laws, as well as every precept of common decency. He threatened and lied about state election officials, most of whom he declared traitors, because they were Republicans who put the law and the Constitution ahead of loyalty to him. He was prepared to seize voting machines by Executive Order. He blatantly, before a national audience, directed several Secretaries of State to “find” votes for him. He directed a plot in six states to falsify the certification of electors and submit fraudulent election results when the Congress met to certify the new president.

Prosecutors in Georgia believe Trump is guilty of committing felonies, and after his unhinged rant in Texas last weekend, attacking our entire legal system as corrupt, the people investigating him in Georgia have had to request heightened security from the FBI. Both the New York State Attorney General and the Manhattan District Attorney are nearing the end of a multi-year investigation into Trump’s business practices and the actions of his family. People who understand such things tell me investigators only leak information nearing the end of their research when they are certain of their case. Previewing their finding of a persistent pattern of misinformation and distorted valuations of multi-million-dollar properties means they have the goods on the former president. And don’t be surprised if records from Deutsche Bank, which has already been fined hundreds of millions for money laundering, result in Trump being indicted for racketeering.

If he somehow manages to extract himself from his legal jeopardy and is able to corrupt our political system enough to regain power, he will destroy us. Donald Trump is truly the most dangerous animal on Earth, a jungle creature whose credo is kill or be killed. He does not possess a shred of charity, humility, generosity, mercy, or empathy. He is a vicious animal who must be stopped, and soon, before he turns the midterm election into a shambles.

Make no mistake – Donald Trump is America’s most dangerous enemy.

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